Before you visit Vietnam you want to bring 2 things in your bag.
1- A network cable: most hotels here have a network hole in the wall and a cable will cost you around 3$ a day. So bring a cable.
2- A mini wireless router: its size is less than half the size of regular router and it’ll cost you around 45$, but not in Ho Chi Min. you wouldn’t find one here, and a regular will cost you 185-250$.
other than that, the cafes and restaurant here are all WIFI.

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One comment on “Wireless Vietnam

  • So jealous. Vietnam is one of my favorite places ever. Please have a nice cup of black coffee with sweetened condensed milk and think of all of us who rather be there. You going up north or will be primarily in Ho Chi Min?

    May I recommend the Com Nieu Saigon restaurant. Fantastic food, no white people.

    6C Tu Xuong Street, District 3,

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