Niv CalderonThis is the first newsletter I ever send on behalf of myself. It’s quite exciting I have to say. I’ve embedded the Wearable Valley Newsletter below, but newsletters have a nature of disappearing after a year, here is the PDF version of it.
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So, why a newsletter?
There’s a need for more information about the wearable tech industry.

Over the past few months I’ve met countless entrepreneurs that don’t know where to gather information from, I’ve met investors and VCs that are unaware of what’s going on and therefor are unwilling to take risks and invest where its most needed, i.e, in the pre/seed stages, where all the wearable startups are actually are, this year and next year.
Because of this reason (but not only) Israel is very much behind Silicon Valley in this industry and it needs to change and one of the ways to change this is by building a community and pushing knowledge and education.

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