A few days ago I saw a promotional video of a guy, a maker, who wants to raise money for a small project to build 3D stuff to put on the Glass. He said that Google Glass is just like your smartphone, you can text with it, Google with it, phone call with it, take pictures etc. I agree with him in all that, but I think that Glass should be compared to iPhone 1. iPhone 1 changed how we communicate, how we use phones, it disrupted, destroyed and created multiple industries and brought science fiction one step closer to become a fact of life.

With smart glass technology we’ll see huge amount of apps coming to market. We’ll see a lot of consumer apps for Glass, we’ll see a lot of enterprise apps too. We’ll be able to develop things that will make or save money, help us cook, play, record, read, augment, whatever. But that’s not why glass technology will change everything. This is only an evolution. Predictable. Nice to have. Boring. Not gonna change the world. Wait.

Glass technology will change everything because it’ll make us data driven for real for the first time.

We are already data driven, sort of. When you think of it, every notification your phone pops up makes you do something, whether it to go to the app and do something, or to just shut it off. The closest thing I can think of in terms of really being data driven is using Waze, where we almost automatically let go of our thoughts and free will and devote ourselves to be Waze driven.

So how will glass technology change everything? Why and how will it make us data driven for real?

A few paragraphs up I told you glassware (glass software) will get apps. But more importantly, other industries will emerge as a result. The augmented reality industry and gesture technologies will get huge. No, supremely huge. Video compression engineers will get paid in gold. But everything will change because it’ll get so much easier to find the information we we’re looking for- Augmented Reality will give you relevant contextual information by what your eyes see and hand gestures will make searching, archiving, digging, connecting, analyzing, posting, recording, clicking, calling and pretty much everything else even more easier.

Because we will get information right into our eye, and information will be so easy to get we will change, again, as individuals and as society. And that’s why Glass technology will change everything, because it’s the fundamental foundation, the green grass Lego part everything else will be built upon.

green grass lego

green grass lego

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