The White House website is a model of perfection of how a government, an office, should make itself available to the people it serves. It is constantly changing, it is constantly adding more information, it becomes richer every day, technologically and content wise. the website editor is a genious. The White House website is built like a blog. The site is the homebase and it is surrounded by outposts that reinforce it, most famous is the White House YouTube channel with your weekly address by the president, with tens of thousands of views.

Let’s view some features:

1- The RSS feature: just choose whatever you want to follow in one place. Choose to be in touch. Choose to know what’s going on. Choose to make a difference. This is what those RSS options represent by being available. This is what this administration want the American people to be, and as I always say, it’s all in the interface.


2- The Blog– SIX posts written on February 20th, 5 on the 19th, 3 on the 18th and 17th, and the posts look terrific, giving information and a sense, a feel, of how its like there. Many posts will have photos of the president and/or others who are relevant to the story. The blog gievs a sense of things being done, and to the American people its the closest thing to actually touch their president.

3- The YouTube Channel is THE most successful choice of them all: becoming available on the one place on earth which is a synonym to video on the web. Obama’s youtube channel started back on September 2006 if i’m not mistaking. This White House Channel is a continueation of something that works really good.


4- Photos to die for- In the web site’s main frame are constantly four changing photos at all time and inside the blog there are even more. Now, it’s not just regular photos, those photos are taken by sensitive photographers, with a sensetive eye that love what they do. Also, there’s a great photo editor (I think, not sure) that picks the best of the best. You can also enjoy photo slideshows here.

photo 2/20/09 by Pete Souza


Photo 2/20/09 by Pete Souza

Photo 2/20/09 by Pete Souza

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