I have been working in the games industry for many years. As an entrepreneur I am especially interested in games that are not only for entertainment or designed to waste my time. Games that inspire, educate and let me experience new things are more interesting for me. That’s why I co-founded Blocksworld – a virtual LEGO game for the iPad – which we sold to Linden Lab in 2013.

Today, when computer games have become wide spread and used by people of all ages, people spend more and more time with their devices. There is a lot of research that shows that kids spend more and more time consuming media and entertainment. An average of 8 hours a day in average of media consumption is “normal” according to scientific studies. Other research show that kids’ media consumption is a common reason for conflicts and fights in families. Add social media usage and the explosion of mobile devices and you have something potentially lethal. Because kids are simply too physically inactive these days – and they risk getting overweight, diabetes and even cancer.

Spending too much time sitting still can actually increase the risk of some types of cancer, heart disease and diabetes, new research has shown. The effect appeared to be unrelated to how much exercise people took when not sitting. This suggests that even in people who are generally physically active, sitting down for too long can increase cancer risk. Scientists came to the conclusion after studying pooled data from 43 studies with more than four million participants and almost 70,000 cancer cases.

My latest startup is all about physical activity. I want to make it fun to be active. But instead of banning the computer and hiding the smart phone – we offer a wearable device called Lifee that contains advanced electronics that register every move you make. By being active you earn Activity Points. Be inactive and you will lose Activity Points. Shake your wrist to show your status, visualized by colored lights.

The concept is quite simple but here comes the beauty: we will implement features like achievements, leader boards, multiplayer challenges – all that fun stuff that you love in games. Our focus is on usability and gamification. Think about it. How many fun, engaging and cool wearables do you see? None! Especially fitness trackers. Boring!

I think there is a big opportunity for wearable products that solves a clear specific need while being entertaining and fun to use. Wearables that inspire, educate and let us experience new things. Can we make it fun to exercise on the kids terms, then we are on to something big.

Is your wearable device entertaining? If not; think again! What Can the Wearable Community Learn from the Games Industry



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