Making a difference. Period.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the role of wearables in our lives. Wearables must differentiate themselves from regular mobile devices or from being a technology driven fashion statement or else they’ll be considered gadgets for people with fetish and other geeks. Wearables have the opportunity to be things that make a difference in our world, as they can be designed to be in any form we want and need them to be, and to be connected to other things (as in Internet-of-things). In wearables, things that won’t make a change, that won’t make a difference, will take longer to penetrate, i.e, it’ll take people longer to understand why they or their companies need to use them. But lets talk safety as an example, in context of this video above, you go to field trips with shining clothes, you’re a beacon of light in the darkness. You go to swim at the sea with a shining swimming suit and something happens to you, but people can see you better and come to your rescue. Your bicycle shines at night so drivers cannot say “it was dark”.

Safety will sell wearables much more than fashion.

Now look at this video from Intel (Below). If a wearable device could send our body a signal to make it feel cooler, it could help people who suffer from hot flashes. Let’s go further. If millions of people will wear a device like this, they wouldn’t need to use air condition in summer. When you think in big numbers like millions of people, it suddenly becomes “a wearable green technology” that can actually preserve energy, save money, and lower global warming. And what if less people needed to take medicine to deal with their hot flashes?

Now look at Google and Google Glass. Glass hasn’t become a consumer hit yet even though they spent lots of money in marketing it as such. But no. It doesnt make a real difference as a consumer product. But it does for businesses. It does in medical. It does in emergency. Manufacturing. Employee training. That’s why Google Ventures invested in Wearable Intelligence. That’s why they are partnering with new companies that develop Glassware, and here is the second 5 Glass companies that get picked to partner with Google. Google knows the wearable economy is a value economy more than a lifestyle economy.