The first startup I worked at in 2007 was called “Wiser Codes”, we developed a BI artificial intelligence that will help businesses get better results online. I remember I had an idea back then, that I needed one place to read and write from/into all my online presence (read everything, post everywhere, and have a unified social graph). You’ll probably think of Hootsuite now (still not it in my opinion), but back then it was a new thing (and Facebook was smaller than Myspace), so from working on a BI startup we pivoted into social networks centered startup. Back then I remember doing all the market research about where social media is going, the term web 2.0 was a huge buzz word and I came across a superstar analyst called Charlene Li who published a presentation called “The Future of Social Networks” (2008).

The most important slide had just one simple sentence in it and it was totally true, totally clear and totally  foreseeing the future: “Social networks will be like air”. Obvious today but not so obvious back then. “What will I do on Facebook?! Why do I need a Twitter? These people don’t have lives! I don’t want everybody to know what I’m doing! This was the sentiment back then.

Back to present day. “Wearable technology is an emerging global market with exciting momentum. According to market research generated by IDC and reported by the Los Angeles Times, shipment volumes for wearable technology are expected to exceed 19 million units in 2014, more than tripling sales from 2013.” (Chuck Brooks, Xerox).In the field of wearable tech, it is still pretty much an uncharted territory, people still need to invent and create pretty much everything. It’s like a new continent, hell, it’s like a new planet. What do you need to build? Everything.

Bottom Line

Wearable technology will be like air. Yes, wearable devices and the technology surrounding them will be like air in the next 5-7 years. The concept of “wearable networks” will take form sometime in the next 7-12 years, i.e all your wearables will be connected and networked with one another and will probably control/interact with other IoT (internet of things) devices (car, fridge, TV, A/C, doors…).


Enough with the future, look at what’s happening now, that’s what’s on the market in wearable tech, you think its going to get smaller?!
(thanks to CloudTweaks for the infographic)

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