When you have a laptop and a mobile phone its one thing. We used to be PC first. Now there are no companies who don’t deliver a mobile GUI experience. Mobile first is the today of things, and if you’re not building it for people’s palm, you’re doing it wrong. The advertising industry has a say: Go digital or go home. It’s an inside-industry expression that, in my opinion, is going to expire soon.

Wear It or Stay Naked

We all know that we’re in the beginning of the wearable and IoT era (we’re also in the beginning of 3D printing and quadcopters). We know that today’s wearable startups (ought to) think “wearable first”. It’s the new black. I don’t know what the next big expression is going to be, but its’ nature is going to be something like ‘Wear it or stay naked׳. Pun intended. Ad companies, and all tech companies should start exploring the frontiers of intelligent, connected, multi-purpose and multi platformed wearable/IoT technologies and they should work seamless with their surroundings and aim be as invisible as possible, like air.

Wearable Technology Will Be Like Air

Wearables can be visible or invisible, it depends where we put them. But that’s not the point. The point is they will become natural and obvious to us as smartphones are, as social media is. They will become obvious to us and to our everyday life.Fashion-Tech-Challenges-6


In the past 2 years, I’ve put on me a few wearables. From glasses, to watches, to wrist bands to attachables. I’ve tested some and designed some, their interfaces, their human-to-machine interaction and their interactions with other (in)visible devices. Some of them are so intelligently designed, they will “communicate” with you even at their mockup stage, that’s how amazing its going to be.

When you understand this in your bones, you understand your design of technology needs to be at this level. You no longer build technology, you design technology interaction with humans and other technologies.

Here are 6 points you should think about in this matter:

  • Wearable technology should work for us and not the other way around
  • Technology needs to be invisible, like air, so you can forget it’s there. Forget!
  • Your wearable technology, software and hardware, should communicate with other technologies that are as minimal as it gets, so much that one glance should be enough for the user to understand everything. Less than a tweet of 140 characters.
  • You don’t understand wearables until you’ve worn and tested them in various situations. Run with them, drive with them, shower, sleep, have sex, eat, swim, party, work, type, jump, fly.
  • It has to be beautiful. Sexy is the new sexy.
  • Make it communicate with everything, don’t get cheap about it.Fashion-Tech-Challenges-5