I’ve reached the limit of people I can know through people when it comes to Facebook. About 90-95% of my contacts I have met. My guess is that most of the next 100 people I’ll add to my friends list will be from people I meet in person.

It’s interesting to have a list of people I’ve met and know with no white noise of people I don’t know. There are people who add people they don’t know or don’t care about, most of them- friends of friends. Their answer to my question about it is that they don’t feel comfortable saying no and are afraid how it will make them look in the others eyes.

Weak ties are stronger than the strong ties when you speak about creating and finding opportunities. In reality you have few strong ties (family and close friends- a small net) and many weak ties (co-workers, acquaintances and so on- a big net). No matter what, if you know all your social graph you can maximize your use in it (in your friends), and help them with your ability to connect social and professional dots. It’s much better than having “holes” of people you don’t know (which you don’t care about either) and cant use or be used.

One more thing about the president elect, Barack Obama:
YES WE CAN by Barack Obama equals Nike’s JUST DO IT in the power it has on people.
yes we can inspired millions to go and vote, just do it just inspired people as one of the best tag lines ever created to a brand and not necessarily affected Nike’s sales, but I don’t have the numbers, so it’s just a thought. Maybe they’re not that equal.

Steven Kovar

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