Flickr‘s new system, which means a new GUI of how to show recent activity everywhere on the site, and a full blown statistics ability for the users (I got a pro account, not sure about the regular users), just gave me an understanding about what people are looking for, when they reach my photo stream. Two things: war and nudity (and believe me when I say that in Hebrew it sound better, with a homege to Leo Tolstoy‘s War and Peace, or if we turn it around we can say: “make love not war” or- let’s view pics of love (nudity) and war.

Here are the statistics for my most viewd photos (on the right):


6 of the 10 photos are of the same girl that posed nude for me a few years ago. 2 more photos (The Tired Soldier) are actually the same frame I shared twice for the request of  the crowd (a photo I took during the Second Lebanon War), I have no explanation why people find this photo so touching. 1 photo is of two special forces soldiers talking, standing really close to each other (look a bit gay, or kissing), and the last one is a frame of Karnit Goldwasser, now the widowof Udi Goldwasser who died and was kidnapped on July 12th 2006 in an act by Hizbullah that ignited the war.

I find that extremely interesting

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