Vision leading. A very important blog post by Michael Eisenberg of Aleph VC, as it’s probably the first time that I read any mention for the importance of voice interface in the world of IoT, coming out from a VC (in Israel). Yes, there are entrepreneurs who speak about it (I’m one of them), but not investors. Voice will impact the house, the car, the e-fitness, all hearables, the AR, the holograms, and I believe that any kind of e-personal assistant you presently work with. Designing interfaces without voice is not pushing the limits enough, its the new frontier. Eisenberg says smartwatch sales are dropping and will keep falling, but I think that smartwatch sales will go up. I believe they will go up and down every 2-3 years or so. And voice interface will be a catalyst for this. Read the blog post at Aleph.


Smart Watches are in deep shit