Last night I went out to a club and realized there are many people with pocket cameras shooting their friends, posing to the camera.

This era, with Israel somewhere at the top in social media penetration in comparison to other countries, when, I guess, one in three or four are Facebook users, and more are Flickr users, I realized that social media donates to the camera industry even more than the camera companies help themselves. It must be true to Flickr- but my guess is that it’s true also to Facebook.

Something more- the penetration of social media to our lives has changed something we all thought before- if once we met a person on the internet and went to meet him in reality, now we also meet people in reality, only to continue the relationship on the internet- virtual reality.

How did I come to that- from the cameras, they capture moments in reality time and with one’s help, the photos are “publi-shared” on the web.

So- cameras help people take relations fron reality to virtual reality. Social media help cameras sales go up.
more camera- more social users of online networks- more meetings in real life.

Question rises: Isn’t it time to stop calling virtual reality a lesser reality and start treating it as the extention, and also, in the same time- the begining of reality?