I came from a VCCAFE breakfast* that was held in the port of Tel Aviv where some VC’s, entrepreneurs, and Hi Tech people met in order to meet and share ideas. This good idea was of Eze Vidra of VC cafe.

why am I telling you this, because I had 2 or 3 conversations there I wanted to share with you.

One was about the future of social networks ( I like calling them “social utilities” or “social nets”), the other was about “user management” and “fakebooking” which you’ll probably hear more about when security companies or private experts will realize there is a new fraud industry they can “explore”.


In my opinion the future of social utilities like Facebook lies not in making money from ads but from businesses getting into them, once realized the value they can get of it. In my conversation I gave the example of studios opening profiles and other pages and groups to the movies they produce and the stars they promote. They are not there yet because they haven’t yet concluded processing the last revolution they had to “undergo” with the P2P inter-connectivity between people. So for them, it may take some more time.The money will come when businesses will join the party.


We’re headed towards User management systems. Open ID is the first fruit of the garden in what cannot be other than open orchards of open gardens of decentralized ID’s running wild. I don’t think it’s going to be a mess, I think it’s going to be a celebration of democracy.


Fakebooking is opening new usernames on social utilities and creating fake social networks of people which know each other around a persona who does not exist. My opinion about it is that I don’t let any fake ID get near me and I report it to whatever address is needed. Fakebookings will open ID’s in networks in order to write blog posts, in order to comment, in order to do guerilla marketing and I think it’s polluting the net in general and social networks specifically.

*The word Breakfast was first used by Jeff Pulver to name his social media face to face gathering for business networking purposes.

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  • I hope you are wrong and that bug business doesn’t take over social networking. If it does, then small business are not going to be able to keep their sites and blogs competitive.

    It seems to take lots of social networking to get ranked in Google and get traffic. Thus, it’s no wonder that some Internet marketers are already doing fake bookmarking.

    Social bookmarking takes lots of time. There will always be those who want to take the shortcut.

  • I do not know. there are still years to be over until businesses and industry leaders will understand the power of the social net. until then, we have time. other than that, marketers will adapt.

    and you are correct about the time consumption.

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