Recent changes to Facebook and recent changes in how I use Google+ made me realize this:

1- The amount of views and interaction on fb pages decreased in a way that you need to post every 3 hours (just look at the Business Insider timings) and become a title/caption whore in order to point to the lowest common denominator of your page’s fans.
2- So you need to buy likes in order for people to, well, like you. Then you need to pay in order for those likes to read you. Then you need to change the way you naturally write in order for people to engage more on Facebook. It just doesn’t seem right.
3- Instead of looking at Google+ as another Facebook, I look at it like an aggregator of people, businesses and news about everything Google Glass (but you can choose and other subject on your mind).
4- Adding all your friends and contacts to Google+ is useless. You already have them on fb and Linkedin. Instead use it as a new social/professional vertical that really matter, something that can make a difference.
5- Startups must use Google+, maybe put even more juice there than on their facebook, since, unless you pay facebook, your posts mean nothing (I mean 1%, are you kidding?). I bet Israeli startups don’t understand the importance of Plus since the founders don’t use it every day. And using it would mean better SEO and better pinpoint on potential clients. Why do I aim at Israeli startups? well, cause I know a lot of them, and When G+ tells me to friend someone, I look at their profile and see nothing, they have an empty profile, most of them. Those who don’t use, won’t know to use it for their business.

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