One of the things I’m doing is unfollowing many people, in order to make my feed more interesting and lowering the amount of noise in my stream. I’m looking for more stuff that will help me evolve, expand my horizons and make me smarter and more capable.
Once I unfollow more than 10 people, Facebook brings new blood to my stream, sometimes people I haven’t thought of for years. I’m thinking about rearranging my feed to be more as an aggregator of interestingness than of people’s sharing, which, you know, kids, dogs, food, selfies. Not enough people are hardcore insight givers.
The influence economy is that there are the 5% of people who share and the 95% of people who listen. I was always in the 5%.
Also, I’m unfollowing the Israeli left and right political conversations. They bring out lots of shit. Not that I have non-intelligent people in my friend list, it’s just that I choose what to write about, what to read and who to listen to.
So what interest me today: World politics, the space race (amazing and exciting shit happens these days), technology (AR, VR, cars, business), communities, marketing and other stuff that help me understand how the world is working in the year 2016 (the X,Y and Z generation stuff, trends, forecasts) and where we are going in multiple areas. And of course, hardcore intelligent people, always.
Niv on 3-27-16 at 10.10 #2