It all started with my friend Yosi Taguri and his iphone obsession. Not only iphone obsession, food photography obsession. Not only that, other tweople have started taking photos of their food with their phones and started tagging them with #fiddme. come see what people are sharing about #fiddme on Twitter.

Twitter is moments

I think Twitter is a phenomenon. Not only do people tweet what they do, what they think, what they want and where they are, people tweet their food.
Twitter is moments. Twitter is moments being shared like never before, and moreover, it’s your moments, and the good thing about it is that it lets you share your moments and then you find people who like your moments and who share theirs. Correct me if I’m wrong, but people who you call your “friends” are people with whom you share your moments. So yes, i know, not everyone you follow is a friend, but Twitter lets you start with the moments issue a priori and that, in my opinion, is amazing. When you meet your Twitter friends you already know so much about them, even if its just 140 characters long. You know who they know, you know where they went, you know their favorite restaurants, their field of work and more. You know a lot.

Back to fiddme

The most amazing thing about fiddme is that unlike real time events that peak the Twitter trends scale from time to time (earthquakes, elections, wars, stuff like that), #fiddme caught the Israeli Twittersphere in a way that it’s almost obvious that when you go eat something, you’ll take a picture of your food and twit it.

Me and food

I shot food a few times in my career, but i find that sharing it with people is so much more fun. So I started with my iphone, but then realized I want to invest more in it, so it meant investing in preparing my food at home. So I invested :)
These shots were taken at home with my Nikon D200, with regular lighting, nothing fancy… hope you enjoy, (click on the photos, the interface rocks) and would love to hear your thoughts about Twitter and your life with it.

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