d @username will send a direct msg to anyone
f @username will let you follow anyone

there are about 1 million Israelis on Facebook
I still believe there are less than 1000 Israelis on Twitter. It’ll change.

Twitter friends contributed to this event even when they were’nt there. They @replied to live twits that came from us.

“Twitter is a blog, it’s a forum, it’s a social network…”
met the men who runs @netanyahu: http://twitter.com/netanyahu

Netanyahu follows more people than he has followers

There’s a better Twitter desktop app than TweetDeck, I forgot its name, maybe Alex de Carvalho can help :)

Twitter makes people wanna meet

On Twitter you can have conversations you couldn’t have had otherwise

“all Israelis are on Facebook”

Twitter isn’t just one thing- Twitter is what you make of it. don’t try to explain it- you’ll fail

People still don’t know what’s Twitter’s business model. And that’s OK- they have one. it’s under our nose. relax

one day I will learn all about play dates

Cafe Greg is a network of coffee shops from the north. They bought CoffeeToGo. Now say Cafe Greg.

you can have a networking event while sitting down. when you sit down with people, many more people can participate the interaction.

watch this short video from the tweetup

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