We hosted an executive delegation of Austrian ministry of interior today in the lab. I talked about IoT and Wearable,  how the human expectation from computing systems is transforming, how this affects the way enterprises and governments engage with people: employees, citizens, customers, patients and students.  I presented our work on employee safety as a use case.

It lead to a discussion around privacy raised by our guests from Austria. It was clear that the

Dr. Asaf Adi

Dr. Asaf Adi

social/public/governmental discussion around privacy does not move as fast as technology and it is not clear where we will end up. On the one hand, people are concerned that their data will be misused but on the other hand, they are willing to give it for an email account or a coupon.

I believe it is not us, computer geeks, to resolve this social issue. We do need to provide the tools for our customers to manage their privacy if they want to. One way we are exploring is edge-computing. Moving the compute/analytics to the person instead of moving the data to the cloud. This can support privacy (among other things) by making sure that only aggregated data is shared while the raw data is not leaving the person’s immediate environment.

What are your thoughts on this? Please share them in the comments.

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