1- Today and yesterday I read a lot about and from Technorati. I read many many posts they posted in their not-so-friendly blog (interface like) and have read blog posts about them. I’ve been trying to understand what drives them. Never mind that, I found a phrase I didnt stop thinking about and I think i’m gonna post something on it as soon as mind mind is set. They call it the World Live Web, that unlike the World Wide Web, it’s only about blogs, tags and other social medias.

One of my first thought about that was the difference between a “world-wide” web and a world “live-web”. I’m talking about the linguistic side here. The “Wide” is telling us how big the world of web is, whereas the “Live” is talking about the web and its essence.

But that was just a thought I had. Live Web means “everything that is social” and it’s interesting that Technorati is calling bloggers and other online-social-media-user-generated-content creator by the name Citizens.

2- lately i’ve been using GlobalPandora, the “open to all” social music website for hours every day. The music there is great, but all in all, the service is unreliable- it gets stuck, it doesnt upload or just stops, sometimes for days. I now try LastFM for the first time. It is reliable, but the quality of the music given to me isn’t high, and I’m not talking about the volume level but the coices the system does.

3- I started watching “Prison Break”. A fun show, though I wouldnt lose sleep if I dont see it ever again.

4- Last week I told my friends on Facebook I’m going to an Ice cream party in the Iceberg. here’s the video from there if you have’nt seen it yet, was a joy-

video from youtube

5- a night before that I went to an opening in a gallery in Neve Tzedek, I didnt like it at all. the artist took characters from television (Homer Simpson, Wonder Woman), from the fashion world (Bar Refaeli), from the cartoons world (Disney’s Goofy) and some other brands (M&M). For me as a photographer and an artist I thought it was insulting, and I didnt find anything new in her art, all she did was to reproduce others’ works and add them Swarovski Crystals.

This is what I felt:

video from youtube