I had a discussion with a friend of mine.

She said she doesn’t understand my motives and my agenda of writing my blogs. She said she doesn’t understand what’s funny in My Let Go (celebrating a year today, by the way) and what do I want to show about myself in my other blogs, as a blogger (and these are not all of my blogs). For me, her punch line about me was that for someone who doesn’t know me, I have some posts where I look as someone who knows very little about a lot of things and in other words, who is this guy, he’s not serious,
but, she said, she knows me and know it’s not so. (Some of you may look at it as a weak point that I show you, some of you may see it as a strength point). Alright.

It got me thinking.

As blogging for me began in August 2003, I have learned a thing or two about how people evolved as users who share their lives on blogs, on IMs, on videos and on other viral social environments. As I am a people’s person by nature and a sociologist by education (cannot separate it from the rest of my identity,
i don’t want to either) I was naturally drawn to realize for myself what it means to have a blog, to have an IM, to post personal video logs on a blog and to see where this Facebook revolution goes as the social creatures that we are all.

Not personal is not interesting.

This is something that I realized for myself over the years as a personal preference. Speak about anything, but if you’re a blogger- give a personal flavor to your post, or else you lose me. You don’t have to agree with me on that, but see what makes you let go of blogs and bloggers, could it be the lack of it?
It can be history, it can be physics, I don’t care, but put your ass on the line. Writing in third body is for wimps (not in all cases, but you got my point).


My friend asked me where and how I want to position myself. Her question was intelligent. First thing pro bloggers will teach you in blogging 101 is that before you open a blog you have to think what it is going to be about. That’s what will attract the readers, that’s what will bring them back with every new post, and in essence, that is what will bring order to you writings.

True. Unless you don’t want to follow the “rules” and if you believe your blogs are your own to do whatever
you want with. For me, I’m not talking about chaos, I’m talking about balance. Get the balance between your personal preferences and the “rules” of writing.


Personally, I’m in a unique situation as I’m writing, shooting photos and making videos.
I started as an anonymous blogger, became a photojournalist known by real name, continued exploring the blogosphere with different blogs that gave me more hats to wear in social occasions and now, not only that I have all these, people who are my Facebook friends get my daily feeds of what I do and what I write. Moreover, one of the first things you learn as a private personal blogger is that you can’t satisfy everyone with you writings. Even more, once you are courageous enough to reveal your guts, i.e what you really think or feel, then comes those milestone posts where you are honored upon by others. It’s something you have got to go through to realize for yourself, it’s a journey you got to go alone, letting go of what others are thinking about you, That is power, that is freedom.


In a situation like my own (it may be a unique story but I doubt I’m special in this) many people (I try to know most of my Facebook friends personally) are always up to date with what’s happening with me. I get to situations where I introduce myself by name and people say (and I’m not kidding): “Oh, so you’re Niv Calderon, I heard so many people talk about you, I read you on Facebook all the time”, and I tell you this not to glorify my name (it bores me to death when people do it) but to clarify my point- when you put yourself in front of people daily, you choose to let go of some of your privacy, and you choose to give people the opportunity to think about you different thoughts. They can be positive, they can be negative. Most of the time they are positive because people love information, and if it’s in three dimensions (photos, videos
and text) it’s even better.

As a blogger, you open yourself to many possibilities and opportunities unavailable otherwise and that’s what I like.
Also, since I’m blogging and using social utilities, so many big and wonderful things happened in my life, why would I want that to stop them from happening, “it’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you might get”.


It’s all about sharing. It’s about being open. When you’re open THINGS COME. When you share, your ideas and thoughts are being donated to the community for the rest to use as they please. Sharing makes me grow. You’ll never know till you try.

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  • Niv, you’re absolutely right “it’s all about sharing” and there is a lot implied in “sharing”. the year has turned and i cleaned house on my blog, only have one, and that was one of my biggest thoughts, which direction i would go in. i’ve exposed myself so many times and although i didn’t get as many comments as i would want to see, it didn’t bother me, as i was expressing myself as i wanted. and in the end, i think people came back for new posts. i found out when i went on a hiatus and some followers just couldn’t keep it to themselves and asked me on messenger… “why, why the hiatus”. it comes with the turf i guess, you expose yourself and then you find sometimes you just want to hide. how do you do that when socially, you’re all over the place… facebook, flickr, blogs, etc. anyways… i’m going to track you down on facebook, will be adding you to my list of friends. see ya soon! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=585824498

  • Hey,
    Thanks for your awsome comment.
    I’m finding my ways to balance my offline and online exposure…
    and I totally i dentify with what you said about not being bothered about the comments while you express yourself to the full!!!

    I really liked what you said.

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