As a Glass explorer I take my Glass to many places. Yes, the battery is undeniably weak, the (very few) apps Glass has lack innovation or sophistication and the voice recognition, well, let’s say as long as you have a New York accent you’re in the safe zone.


Once you wear Glass for a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, you get it, continuously.

I had my first A-HA moment after 3 hours of not taking this device off my head. I realized I know the time all the time and that I havent touched my iPhone for 3 hours. I havent been using a watch since I was 22, and 11 years later, I realize it took me 3 hours to not want to know the time and/or touching my iPhone at all. So, from a watch, to a phone, to a smartphone, to a Glass, and that time is just one functions of many that can be displayed into your eye. (Read more about my first experience with Glass)


Yesterday, as I was heading to a meeting I suddenly got my second A-Ha moment. I realized I wouldn’t mind looking at reality in an augmented way most of the time. I wouldn’t mind having a contact lens in my eye, showing me information like time, date, to do lists, directions or whatever makes my life work better, or with more fun or make them even more interesting than they are now (not complaining). I really wouldn’t mind, it would actually be cool. It hit me. For a few seconds yesterday, I forgot I was wearing a gadget that was invented in Star Trek and was actually looking at life “augmentedly”.

Granted, there would have to be few conditions for that: The text or graphics need to be extreme minimalistic, have the right color, 50% opacity, white-ish, and that I can turn it on and off as I please.

The Third Thing.

Techies have a tendency of knowing things, they get trends and can tell you where they think the future is going. Most don’t need to play a lot with gadgets to get what they can do or how the public will react. It’s different with Glass.

First, you don’t get it when you wear them for 2-3 or even 10 minutes. Yes, you see what they can do but it’s not enough time for you to really get it because you need to play with it like a child exploring his Lego. Even after a month I’m still in the process of getting it. The more you take’m to your life adventures (meetings, shows, basketball games) the more you hack their potential, so it’s a never ending exploration.

Which brings me to the case of Cecilia Abadie who drove with Glass, got pulled over by police, was given a ticket and now is in court. My point is this- If the judge doesn’t wear Google Glass and goes on a test drive himself and see how it feels, he cannot really understand what it means to see things and to drive with augmented enhanced capabilities, and this will have implications in the real near future. (What happens in the UK).

Sometimes judges go to a scene where they need to see things in their own eyes, make it a house, a hospital or a crime scene. Google Glass is the same, the justice system will have to test it first hand in order for the laws and ruling to be just.

Credit: Augmented Reality Trends

Credit: Augmented Reality Trends