True, Naftali Bennet held a cucumber in his hand, speaking at Israel Democracy Institute’s Eli Hurvitz Conference on Economy and Society in Eilat. He gave it as an example for Israeli innovation in third world countries like India, coming to Israel begging for innovative solutions in agriculture, yet in the video (from 4:28) you could hear the… Read More

So what have we been doing so far? Fighting the “First Social War” made us realize we are fighting a multi-platform, multi-language, cross-cultural, cross-technology battle. Two days ago(Tuesday) I took part in building the Jerusalem Social Media Situation Room for the recent Israel Hamas conflict. Yesterday I’ve joined forces (along with other friends) with the… Read More

If you’re an Israeli you must know this video by now. This video tells you in the most day-to-day way what is web2.0. This video was produced for Kinnernet2007 and in a week there’s going to be a 2008 Kinnernet on the way too.… Read More