Five reasons why Wearable Technology is the next big thing

Nowadays, people are inseparable from their technology, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Innovators are looking for ways of bringing technology even closer to people through wearable tech.  Wearables are essentially advanced tech that have been incorporated into various things that people wear regularly. This includes things like a bracelet or watch that… Read More

What Can the Wearable Community Learn from the Games Industry

I have been working in the games industry for many years. As an entrepreneur I am especially interested in games that are not only for entertainment or designed to waste my time. Games that inspire, educate and let me experience new things are more interesting for me. That’s why I co-founded Blocksworld… Read More

Homeland Security Explores Wearables

Recently, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that they are launching a program called “EMERGE” to explore opportunities to create and eventually procure wearable technologies that would benefit first responders and law enforcement doing the homeland security mission.… Read More

Wearable Technology Adoption in Society

Wearable technology has been THE hot topic in the tech industry. Fitness bracelets tracking the user’s amount of footsteps and sleeping behaviour have already been introduced some years ago.… Read More

Wearable Intelligence, August 2014, $8.5M for wearable technology (basically Glassware) for paramedics and doctors, and developing Glassware for field technicians. OnBeep, August 2014, $6.4M for creating a “Star Trek commbadge” wearable device for field teams. Pristine, September 2014, $5.5M for creating a teleconference Glassware for doctors, and developing Glassware for field technicians. Total: ~$21M… Read More