March 21st: 1- The new framed Google Glass. Not mine, but i’ll have a pair soon. It’s just more natural. 2- It feels like the Israeli wearable developers community just grew bigger. And younger. Young teens (age 13) develop to #googleglass here. Most interesting idea i’ve seen so far for Glass was pregnancy analytics. — atGoogle Tel-Aviv.… Read More

I am so utterly excited about the upcoming release of Star Trek 11 in May 2009, with a new and young Kirk, a young Spock and a young crew… of actors and of writers with J.J Abrahms at the helm. I have been a Star Trek fan even before I was a Star Trek Fan…… Read More

All you gotta do is see this short clip. This is the writer who wrote the episode “City on the Edge of Forever” of the original Star Trek (TOS). Harlan Ellison also worked for Babylon 5 and other shows over the years. His name is mentioned in the context of the new Star Trek movie… Read More