Yesterday at @jeffpulver’s breakfast my friend Idan Gazit shot a video where he interviewed some people about… well, all sorts of things. It turned out great, and funny, and I loved it so much that I wanted to share it with you. THANK YOU IDAN!!! :-) Jeff Pulver Social Media Breakfast – Feb 2009 from… Read More

[Originally written: November 26, 2008) In four days I’m going to speak about Social Media in Seminar Hakibutzim in Tel Aviv in front of entrepreneurs and other internet people or people who want to use social media to elevate their business. The last few days were really exciting for me because of that. In this… Read More

This is a Tag Geek Tags Doesnt Stick to Facebook or not to Facebook add tagline here These are just some of the tags i tagged myself last night on “Jeff Pulver’s Friends on Facebook (in Israel) Social Networking Event” on Mandy’s in Tel Aviv. It was so much fun tagging myself, letting people read… Read More