A group of young social entrepreneurs decided they want to raise awareness and the coolness of being a teacher in Israel in November 26th. Introducing Teacher’s Day. The Teacher’s Day cool site in Hebrew gives teachers everything they need in order to celebrate this event in social media, including a video library on Youtube, a… Read More

I just met with a Japanese researcher who came to Israel to write about Israel’s attitude towards the LGBT community here and spoke, among other things, on the connection between public diplomacy and social media. He told me that in Japan they see Israel as a difficult place in this context  because of the clashes… Read More

In recent years we’re witnessing the birth of a made up tradition, a “delegitimizer’s calendar”. Totally civil and not a religious (yet), it’s being invented and celebrated sporadically by pro- Palestinian organizations and individuals… Read More

In Cast Lead, the work of Dan Peguine  and Arik Fraimovich has introduced QassamCount, a Facebook application which used your status updates in order to tell the world how many rockets, missiles and mortar shells were fired on Israel. The success was phenomenal but Facebook decided it’s not going to allow any more “donations” of status updates like this… Read More

למה צריך להשתמש בתמונות המזעזעות של המשפחה השחוטה למאמצי ההסברה והדיפלומטיה הציבורית של ישראל… Read More

In the last 2 weeks I’ve proudly been a part of a group, a social media task force, which goal is to fight a war on the social web, a war on the world’s public opinion. In the last 2 weeks I’ve found myself watching hundreds of videos, reading reports, columns, blog posts, tracking comments,… Read More