Shut Up and Take My Money.

When Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook bought Oculus Rift for the social aspect of it I remember people raised their eyebrows. Well, he was right and the people with the eyebrows were short sided.

We’re not completely there yet, as we have few more cycles of Moore’s Law until we get the VR sets scaled down enough, i.e lighter, smaller, more mobile than tethered, etc.

So what’s the connection to work collaboration you might ask. Well, the games world was always one of the first to innovate, a little like porn, but in a more positive way. Games were exploring collaborative efforts more than others, and with VR, we can see that games take it to a whole new level. Enter Star Trek VR.

Star Trek is always about the mission, it’s always about the ship and the crew. When you operate a starship, you’re not an F16 pilot, you’re either the captain or one of the crew, which means you need to know your shit. You need to know how to manually do the stuff you’re supposed to do and you need to know how to communicate with the rest of the crew. Its a team effort, and when in VR, you’re in a shared virtual environment.

Now Star Trek, unlike other concepts, completely relies on team effort and communication. Just like when you need to operate things in the real world. We all work on computer terminals- whether its our phone, laptop, pc or any other machine we’re using.  Fast forward a few years, let’s say 10-15 years, and after you watch this video embedded here, is it that farfetched to think we could work from or within virtual environments?