Add people you know and care about
Don’t add people you never heard of just because they asked, close circles aren’t close enough for you to get feeds from them most of the time
Don’t worry about how it looks, you’ll see the benefit from it later
Send a Happy Birthday, try doing it every day, it’ll pay you off
Meet your social graph in the real life. Real life is the extension of your social web.
Social web is the extension of your real life relationships
It’s like the chicken and the egg, but here we actually know what came first
Be who you really are, don’t try to fake or pretend, your social graph has a photographic memory, be careful
News travels fast, you can use it
The world is flat, you can use it
In social networks it is possible for anyone to know anyone, be careful whom you cyber with.
Share links
Share what you’re doing with your friends
Work on your profile continuously, it’s not meant to be a monument
Don’t be afraid to remove people you’re totally not in touch with
See what’s up with your friends, you’d be surprised at what you might find
Reading is not enough- Comment
Write something in your blogging platform
Link to others
Be large with what you do
The places you’re stopped in your social web activity are the places you’re stopped in your life
But don’t be reckless, be smart
Be authentic
Be loving, it’s good for business, any business, even if it’s not business

Social Media Landscape

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