I am so utterly excited about the upcoming release of Star Trek 11 in May 2009, with a new and young Kirk, a young Spock and a young crew… of actors and of writers with J.J Abrahms at the helm.

I have been a Star Trek fan even before I was a Star Trek Fan… I became a fan when I was 14.
At 16 realized i would love it forever, at 21 I opened a Hebrew website (kinda like a blog) and wrote there about Star Trek Enterprise’ s weekly episodes for 4 years, at 25 I led the Israeli campaign to Save Enterprise as a part of the international campaign. Yes, I’m a Trekkie, I’m proud of it.

As you all know, Enterprise never made it after season 4. The TV ratings were low, but the episode downloads were very high. Like many other TV shows, there are more viewers online than there are viewers on TV. you know what I mean, right?

It’s almost 2009 now and Trekkie stays a Trekkie, but I’m also into social media and the affect it has on people is astonishing.

Now I wonder, its the social media era, we’re all into buzz, socializing and avanglizing the stuff we love, and Star Trek 11-  this one has to succeed this time because if it fails, the suits at Viacom will never give another chance to trek through the stars again and we have to make it work (I hope a successful movie will create a new series, or another movie, or a mini series, or something), and it can work, if we all work together on this, link to the movie site (it’s great by the way), link to each other, buzz it, push it higher, beam it up to where no movie has gone before, it’s in our hands. Make it so.

Here are some screen shots from the new Star Trek trailer, have fun.


ps- if you’re a Trekkie too leave me a msg, its been a while since i’ve met new Trekkie friends

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