Lecturing at IBM event

“When are you meeting your clients?”, the guy from the crowd asked me after I told them I spend 10 hours a day on Facebook. I gave them a silly answer that actually was meant to say I’m using my iPhone between meetings (although I do sit in front of the PC few hours every day). No, but really, I use social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Flickr as business tools, like others use their MS Outlook and IBM’s Lotus at work.

It was at the IBM event. I called my lecture “Show Me The Money: Monetizing Social Media” and gave the IT crowd that came to see me a taste from something most of them are not in touch with: social media. I mostly showed them Twitter pages from companies I found (Ford, JetBlue, Comcast), talked a bit about the Obama campaign and showed the “Field Of Dreams” clip in order to show how not to do things. It was not about the social networks… it was about being available to people, being authentic and getting the information socially.

At first they didn’t realize how it is possible to make money from social media, but as the examples started to pile up they nodded and started to see where all the money comes from.

Dvir Reznik from IBM held the camera and shot the lecture (THANKS Dvir), and once i have it as a file i’ll upload it here.
In the mean time, here’s a great Trailer:

photo from @rafim http://twitpic.com/1pcb9

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