Haven’t seen The Muppet Show in years I think, and just when I was looking to write about how social media can change the way we are in school, the way we study, the way we communicate with our fellow students and teachers (it can be in grade school, it can be in university), I found these 3 amazing short videos, each not more than 20 seconds, that made me lough out loud and think of the brilliancy the writers poses and how connected they are to what’s happening today in this field. their brilliancy in taking a social phenomenon like YouTube and how people are using it, and drill down on it all the way, all the way to the point where the two characters stick their heads to the webcam. It’s hilariously like that. I’ve never thought of the Muppets as a satire show, but than again, maybe I was too young. This is a satire to how we are when online. It’s a replica of us.

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