The book of what is social media, is not written yet. How to best use it, how can organizations benefit from it and how traditional advertisers can take advantage of it, these are all very big and very good questions and we still don’t have all the answers to. In the mean time, we’re reading blog posts about all of this, watching video clips and participating in social media and networking events. This post is about networking and how to succeed in making it a good one for yourselves and for all the participant.

Jeff Pulver is one of the pioneers in this industry and among other subjects, he is known for his love for networking events. A few months ago, after I’ve participated in three events in a row I wrote a post about how to create a successful networking event and it was after being in one of Jeff’s morning networking events he calls “Breakfasts”, for the time they happen (9a.m) and for the informal atmosphere they are created in. Those events are just great, and in Tel Aviv, where i’m from, each breakfast groups more and more people each time. After a few times hosting these morning meetups he recorded a video and took many social media characteristic, specifically from facebook, and brought them down to earth, for people in the process of networking.

This video is better than words

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