The book of what is social media, how to best use it, how can organizations benefit from it and how traditional advertisers can work with it, those are all very big and very good questions and we still don’t have all the answers to it (but we’re getting there). The book of how to use social media is not written yet, and people, even experts in this field can’t say everything about how things become viral.

In the mean time, we’re reading blog posts about this, watching video clips and participating in social media and networking events. This post is all about this, but instead of sending you out of here to read, I want to invite you to see a very special video.

I don’t know if you know Chris Brogan or not, but in my opinion, he is one of the geniuses of our time (and one of the few people who really understands this phenomenon that is called Social Media). His title is Social Media Strategist, and in this video, if you choose to see it, you will see and hear him talking about how to use social media for advertising (just be first!). The interesting part in this video for me is that this video is probably the sum of his blog posts from the last year or so, so it’s a very good video if you don’t want to read his entire blog, but, he writes a post a day so there’s a lot to learn from him.

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