you would think that a three days convention in London would have free internet connection all over the place. guess again, you would have internet only in the session rooms and in the dining area. If you wanna be online you need to be there or you’re screwed. Why is every convention has its wifi problems?


When you want to network in a convention you want the company name of your “networkies” to be big enough so you know if you wanna approach them or not with out making your eyes come out of their holes until you’re colse enough. Instead the biggest title in this really big tag is the Search Engine Strategies” (SES) brand. To make the SES brand the biggest thing in the tag is convincing the convinced (who paid).

Talking about tags, the sticknotes culture Jeff Pulver invented in his breakfasts and social network events are really missing for me here. Really, I think there is no networking event in the internet-web2.0-VC-startups culture in Israel that misses those funny yet fascinating and important. Those sticky notes really bridge the primary gaps people have with other people, and I’m here in “London: Where people don’t smile”. If anybody would someday write the manual about how to socialize and network I think those meta sticknote tags should be a must.


I’m happy later is going to be the networking cocktail party.
For tomorrow I’m going to remake my tag and probably going to meta tag myself with stickies to break the ice here, cause honestly, people don’t smile here. some tags i thought about when writing this post are:
“Easily bored, but friendly” and “I Smile”, but more seriously, I’m looking to network with people in the keyword and business intelligence industry and last time I checked it’s not written on their foreheads, tags could help.

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