A couple of months ago I helped my friend Roy Man, co-founder of SaveAnAlien.com redesign their Facebook application user interface to get a better user experience and to get higher rates of user engagement in the application pages.

The thing that was missing most of all, in my opinion, was an easy to use, easy to navigate, menu.
We realized that the menu should call users for action in a one click only. After that, we created the list of functions, prioritized them, renamed some of them and put them on the page.

Although the main menu was the main task, we rethought about the upper “general” menu as well. This unit gives the user clear directions of where else he can go and creates a sense of depth, most important in a web game like SaveAnAlien.

Few more things we’ve touched were the feeds box, alien photos, list of friends and the system notices box, We organized them to create the sense of space while maintaining a connection between the rest of the UI units.

It was a pleasure working with Roy on the GUI design since he was very open to new ideas, and our conversations about it were fruitful. You should see him Photoshop, the genius.

What do you think about the new interface?

save an alien new GUI

4 comments on “The New SaveAnAlien GUI

  • It can be cool if Roy will share some stats on how this changes affected the usage of the application.

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  • I *love* this application and the new design! The only thing I can’t figure out on the app any more is how the HELL people are getting scores in upwards of 22,000 on the game. Yikes!

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