The QassamCount tool probably represents the essence of the word Virality.

Started as a breakthrough Twitter account that shared its followers with the amount of Qassams, Grads and mortar shells landing in/on Israel from Gaza, it became a tool for us at the social media situation room to reach millions of people around the world with 75,000 people enabling it on their Facebook account, reaching all their friends in 150 countries all over the world.

But while the operation in Gaza happened like a blitz and ended the same way, the facebook application just keeps quiet until more fire is launched from Gaza toward Israel and as you know, there’s still fire being launched from Gaza even today. That’s where  the real power of QassamCount is. Most people haven’t removed it and it reminds us of things we don’t hear on the everyday news anymore, it travels the social web (and the social graphs), it shows you what we’ve been trying to say all this time, all these 9 years of crazyness that we’ve enduered, that no country will allow its citizens to be targeted. As the Qassams are the justification for operation Cast Lead , QassamCount is bookmarking tool and the constant reminder to the public around the world that there is more than one truth in this story.

at the war room. Photo: Niv Calderon

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