Hey guys,

it’s been two long days for me in terms of preparing to the event tomorrow.
WordCamp 2007 (WordPress convention)was setup in the most friendly but professional way i’ve ever seen, down to the communications i had with the other “staff” working on this project with me. The collectibe thinking we made on a Google group we opened and just on the last days I’ve moved to my cell communicator.

After I left Tapuz People I called Tal Galili (event manager) and told him I have time to give on this project. Since I was of the last people who joined to lift this project up (even though I was on the “founders” meeting on Blink and took video footage of it) not many things had been left free to do, so I took organizing the name tags on me and to be THE event photographer. So at the event and after, please be ready to get live photos from my Flickr which I’ll also use in this blog when live blogging the event. All photos will be public under CC lisence (which means you can use them and link back to this blog).

The name tags are simple in design, the big W sign on top and the name below, either in Hebrew or in English inside a plastic thingy.

I started with telling you about the communications… I dont know if it’s the nerds I talked to or if it’s the web and IM style talking that got me there…. but speaking on the phone with some of the group I worked with was just in “give me the buttom line”, and “what do you think we should do?”, and “give me status report” (in the old Star Trek way of saying that)(“status report, number one”). I noticed it because I’m not accustomed to it, but I am a sociologist after all, i couldn’t help not noticing it, it made me think.

I actually thought of making myself a Tshirt for tomorrow. I decided not to, yet. There are event shirt we’re gonna pass. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.

i’m going to sleep