Yesterday was Wordcamp Israel 2008 and I was asked to be the photographer for this event, so i was, gladly. Many others already wrote about this event, plus, my original post was lost somehow, so this is actually my second post I write about WordPressIsrael2008, the tag for this event in search engines.

So, because so many people already wrote about this, I just wanna share with you that I uploaded 144 photos to my Facebook Albums and that they are available to the public even though my profile is limited to friends only. I have also uploaded something like 30 somthing photos to Flickr.

The fun part in Facebook is that people tag other people, and even people who are not my friends can view and tag photos. It was so much fun getting more than 60 notifications from facebook about tagging, comments, friend requests, wall posts, all that… It made me feel like Facebook is a bit more open, but honestly, it isn’t, yet. But in time… you’ll see, they’ll change.

Wordcamp and my choice to put the photos deliberately in Facebook (and only later on Flickr) thought me another lesson in the power of social networks in the world, not only that, I think every business today, every business, should think how to elevete itself using social networks and establishing a full time social presence on the web. More about that in the future, or you can contact me directly.

links about Wordcamp:
Gili Taguri- Happy Birthday (Hebrew)
Ira Abramov– live blogging from Wordcamp 2008 (Hebrew)
Oren Todoros aka SEOVice with a cool video from Wordcamp and some use of my photos (English)
Raanan Bar-Cohen– with his presentation about WordPress (English)
Wordpress Garage- about the WordPress Camp (English)
Compucall- a presentation about SEO in WordPress (English)
Ring of Blogs– about the Gravatar enabled badges (passport photos in the nametags)

Please visit my photos on Facebook: all Wordcamp photos are licensed creative commons

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