photo of Niv Calderon talking about IoT investors, 2016, Israel

לפני חודשיים העברתי הרצאה במכללה למנהל למול סטודנטים לתואר שני בעיצוב וחדשנות. על קצה המזלג, דיברתי על צורות שונות של הסתכלות על השוק, איך צריך לחשוב על בניה של טכנולוגיות לבישות מבחינת חוויה, קצת על וירטואל ריאליטי, התעשיות שיתפתחו מתוך הרמות השונות של המוצרים, הקשר בין אופנה, ספורט ופרסום ועוד. תודה ל Hanoch Rabinovitz שהזמין… Read More

Niv Calderon ניב קלדרון

One of the things I’m doing is unfollowing many people, in order to make my feed more interesting and lowering the amount of noise in my stream. I’m looking for more stuff that will help me evolve, expand my horizons and make me smarter and more capable.   Once I unfollow more than 10 people,… Read More

‘Human Centered IoT’ was the second meetup  we are having in 2016. This year in May we are celebrating 2 years of Wearable Valley and growth. In 2014 we had 1 meetup as we launched the community. in 2015 we had 3 meetups, including the first meetup in Israel to deal with investments in IoT.… Read More

We hosted an executive delegation of Austrian ministry of interior today in the lab. I talked about IoT and Wearable,  how the human expectation from computing systems is transforming, how this affects the way enterprises and governments engage with people: employees, citizens, customers, patients and students.  I presented our work on employee safety as a use case. It… Read More

A new SDK out of our local IBM labs in Israel that makes it simple to mobile developer to connect with multiple and different Wearable devices. Check out the gesture recognition algorithm generator that will make gesture recognition as easy as it can be. Please share your feedback, questions and thoughts… Read More

The March meetup of Wearable Valley is just around the corner, coming up March 23 and will be hosted at the Yahoo TLV offices. Yahoo are also our sponsors for the evening, so great food and drinks are on the house. Thanks Yahoo! Location: Menachem Begin Road 154, Kardan Building, 17th floor, Tel Aviv The event will begin… Read More

I lost quite a bit of sleep over this lecture, a 2.5 hours talk about using social media in time of crises and disasters to international med students in Ben Gurion University. And recently I haven’t updated all I’m doing so here it is, some Facebook posts of mine and the presentation itself. I’m posting… Read More