It’s a known fact that mobile phones and tablets of today were invented in Star Trek. We all saw Starfleet personnel wearing a wearable communicator badge on their chest since the years of The Next Generation and all of us Trekkies were thinking of the day this would become a reality.

Now a company called Orion have created a #wearable called Onyx that does just that. Once you wear it, you are connected to your team. First thought, you would think its a wearable Whatsapp, but what it is actually, is more like a communication platform like what taxi drivers use.

Would e use it with our family? I doubt it. Would we use it at work, more likely. What you see here is another example of a wearable technology that is more likely to disrupt business communications than enter our private lives.

Orion are the pioneers, others will come.  What’s next in this vertical? Smaller and more beautiful and powerful devices. Who should worry about this? Companies like Motorola.

commbadge nivcalderon