March 21st:

1- The new framed Google Glass. Not mine, but i’ll have a pair soon. It’s just more natural.

2- It feels like the Israeli wearable developers community just grew bigger. And younger. Young teens (age 13) develop to #googleglass here. Most interesting idea i’ve seen so far for Glass was pregnancy analytics. — atGoogle Tel-Aviv.

March 22nd:

Since I own #googleglass and working to build #AwayTeam, my usage of#GooglePlus has grown in about 1000%. I now use it as my prime source for business news, business contacts and business ideas and I find that people there interact more, share more are just more open. More than #Facebook, more than #Linkedin, more than #Twitter. And I use them all.
It may have to do with the type of people I am in touch with- the #Glassexplorers, which are really a phenomenal type of sub-culture within the early adopters of technology. — at The Streets Cafe TLV.

March 26th:

1- Wanted: #googleglass card design templates.
Now seriously: A whole new science of Glass card optimization will be invented by UX specialists. It’s absolutely needed. I can see it right now, working for 2 days designing multiple cards and multiple variations for#AwayTeam.
A mix of: photos (multiple sizes), 2D+3D diagrams, maps, text, icons, colors

2- Why did Facebook buy Oculus VR?
To compete in the smart Glass industry, with Google among others, and before it gets even more expensive.

April 3rd:

Voice is the new touch. People will demend voice control on their gadgets and apps.
What it means:
To you: You will talk to your computers, tablets, phones, homes like Star Trek people speak to ship’s computer.
To companies: Voice will develop to even replace touch on home gadgets, cars, wearables.
To developers: apps will race to develop the coolest voice recognition ability. (Thank you Cecilia Abadie)

April 4th:

something about Google Glass development:
If you cant deliver kickass software + great experience (that users can say you thought about everything), don’t, just don’t waste your time. You’ll be ran over, ran over by trucks with big wheels who understand that the level of entry to this field has just got higher. Why?
Cause Glass dev means you have to take multiple considerations into account: location, pictures, communications, sharing, interconnectivity with other devices (wearables + on-top add-ons), notifications, Voice User Interface (VUI)…

Niv Calderon Glass