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niv calderon

These are just some of the tags i tagged myself last night on “Jeff Pulver’s Friends on Facebook (in Israel) Social Networking Event” on Mandy’s in Tel Aviv.
It was so much fun tagging myself, letting people read of me and read others, just giving them opportunities for fun and networking, i felt creative writing them, and shooting photos.

As i’ve just left a job as a product manager, i’ll use this post as a way for me to get to all of you, who were present at the event, and post that i’m seeking challenging opportunities within an interesting organization. I believe I can bring fresh insights to any project related to Social Networks and blogs, User interface and User Experience. If your company is hiring or you know of someone who is looking to hire i’d be very thankful for the call, email or contact from you. Attached is my cv and cover letter for download:

Niv Calderon CV

You can find photos from the event on my facebook, you’ll probably need to add
my profile to yours.