This week I came across a facebook ad that caught my attention, The Mossad is looking to hire new agents and is now doing it through Facebook, forwarding the clicks to its recruit section in the Mossad site. The title of the ad: “Life is What You Make of It”. I kinda like this ad as it keeps reminding me (as long as the campaign is on) that it’s up to each and every one of us to be the architect of our lives. This action by The Mossad shouldn’t surprise anybody, The Mossad has been known to publish wanted ads in newspapers in the past.

Mossad on Facebook

The second ad just started its campaign lifecycle today (Friday) is by the Israeli Police and is run by LAPAM, the Israeli government’s own advertising agency for all things government. The ad’s title: “First Hand from a Police Officer”, which in Hebrew means its pre-owned by the police. In Hebrew there’s this joke about pre-owned cars, they are best when they come from a doctor, which means it’s saved and been taken care of. When it comes to police cars, I wouldn’t bet they’re neither in best shape or have acceptable mileage.

Pre-owned by the Police