It took me not more than two minutes to decide to write a post about this Firefox add-on called MashLogic, (after the companie’s name). I didn’t know what to expect, but after the installation I went to my other tabs and saw the technology working.

In short:
You browse the web, you see regular links and you see more links that looks a bit different. Those other links will open small in-window popups (if you stand on them) and will give you information from different sources about this word or phrase, at present, most of them will come from Wikipedia and LinkedIn.

Last time I wrote a product review it was about Semantinet’s Headup where I suggested they should open themselves to go beyond the social web, and it is my guess they have only just started there and that they’re on their way to connect the dots of the normal web.

Well, it’s funny to say, but MashLogic has done just that, but the opposite- they went to connect the dots in the normal web and left the social web, or to be precise- they are not connecting everything I do as a user all over the web. I’ll explain. Whereas Semantinet’s Headup are looking at what people are doing all over the social web, MashLogic is looking at words and phrases and suggesting to us the users extra value to whatever we are looking for and then some more about words and phrases that are living in or near the same context.


Words and phrases becoming links that may interest you. MashLogic

User Experience
After Installing the addon you get a window you need to choose which places you want to take info from. My guess is that this list will grow in time and that it is the amount of boxes you check that decides how many phrases you’ll learn more about. To the guys at MashLogic I suggest to make this settings page smaller. it’s too big and there’s too much to read there. My first reaction to this was that I got scared and wanted to close it. It didnt take me a second to realize I need to choose from the list of options, but the too much to read part is unnecessary. Less is more.

What Now
The world is becoming a world of mashups. Web 3.0 is somthing people are saying is going to be a world of semantic connections and technology understanding contexts. BORING.
You can stone me if you want, but I think web 3 is going to be an era where technologies will ultimately learn to co-exist with each other to the max. The foundation is already here (undoubtedly web 2 is the foundation for web 3) Look at the Open Social technology, look at the data portability vision, look at the Bill of Rights for Users of the Social Web, Go read about Yahoo’s Open Strategy (or watch the video). In the future,  technologies that will stand alone and won’t speak in both directions will be obselete, we’re on our way there right now.

MashLogic vs. SemantiNet
MashLogic is what I thought missing to Semantinet and Semantinet is what’s missing to MashLogic. Those are two startups that probablys tarted at the same time (2007) but went in two different dirrections.
Their future is unknown but promising. I think they should work together, what do you think?


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