In my years as an entrepreneur and techie in general, I’ve seen many trends come and go. I don’t think I’ve seen any vertical grow this fast like the smart, connected, autonomous vehicle vertical.

Indeed, vehicles are not a standalone vertical, as it consists of sub verticals (click for a list), which each one of them is huge by itself- Sensors, connectivity, v2v, v2x, energy, fleet management etc.

For the past 3.5 years that I’ve been dealing with IoT, autonomous vehicles are probably the most interesting of all IoT verticals out there, why- because it influences so many areas of our lives and everyone knows they need to prepare for it, both legislatively, insurance wise, educational wise, investments wise, and of course, if you’re a huge company in the automotive industry, it’s a do or die for you, plain and simple, you have to innovate, think out of the box and then throw away the box, cause there’s no turning back.


To understand how this industry evolves, I’ve started tracking the news and pinning them to a Google map. The visualization of the news makes order in all the vast amount of information out there. This map covers the following:

1- States and countries where AV are being tested or are allowed to drive. Including legislation and insurance issues.

2- Companies and startups (including factories) in this industry.

3- Schools, universities and research organizations

As this is only the beginning, so far the map shows mostly countries in Europe and states in the US, but as time passes, more pins in other countries will be added to the map.

Since I’m a big believer in collaboration I invite you to both use this map and contribute to it yourselves. I am looking for contributors to add more information about companies, organizations and cities where its allowed to either drive or test autonomous vehicles and you are more than welcome to contact me so I can add you to the map.

Open the map in your browser

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