Lately, when I talk to my friends and to people I know, more and more of them know what I do, know if i’m looking for something and generally are up to date with what’s up with me.

It’s a pretty interesting sensation. you meet someone, and they made their homework on you before you even met…. it’s like what you need to do before you go to a job interview, homework yourself on the company you’re going to work for and if possible, about the person who’s going to interview you.

Something I learned lately and kept my mind busy is the concept of “outposts“.

What are Outposts?
Outposts are basically anywhere on the web (mainly social web) where you spend your time and create content. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr, LinkedIn, FriendFeed, Blog, Website… anywhere.

One Test Case- Me
Now with me it’s pretty simple, my web personality has outposts in many many websites across the social web, and besides podcasting, whichI don’t do, I write, I shoot photos, I comment, I share favorites and I chat, and I use almost anything available on the web to do that.
a- because I live a life where the social web is an extension of my life, and it’s as real as my “real” life are. why? because I take my web life and transform them to real relationships on a daily basis.
b- as a part of my job, I explore trends, web behaviorism and new directions. it’s a mix of web sociology and anthropology 2.0, but that’s just me.

Make It Easy ON THEM
Now, this is a tip for anyone who wants to boost their online presence- BE EVERYWHERE. be wherever your fans and followers are, wherever your clients are. It’s your job to come to them and not their job to come to you. You dig?
And If you want to go the extra mile and totally bring everything to them, FriendFeed will help you do that. Just connect your social identity to whatever FriendFeed offers you and you’ll get everything you’re doing, and more than that- you get one RSS feed of everything you do, ready for your subscribers/clients/fans to consume in one place. all you need to do is let them know they can.

I’ve grouped my social identity into one place, gave it an address made it RSSable, do it for yourself.
This is how your page will look like theoretically and this is the RSS your customers/followers/fans will get as you make it easier on them to follow you.

Thanks for Goni Riskin For the Photos

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