I went to the Pulver Breakfast this morning in Aroma in the Tel Aviv Port, and although I was there at ten to nine, people were already there, getting their names on tags, already doing live pokes and mingling. I love it when people show up in time.
I think the atmosphere is was great.
Personally, I knew many people there, whom I really enjoy meeting at events like this and getting live updates, which are almost like Facebook updates, but with faces and smiles attached to them. But also, I made it my business to meet and talk to new people and to familiarize myself with what’s going on with them and with their businesses, cause you never know when and where you’ll need this information, so when you make it your business to know about people, whatever they tell you is extremely interesting and your mind (my mind) is getting busy in building puzzles (personal, professional and in general), so I had fun.
Also, in my talks I got exposed to several interesting projects in the social media domain (blogs), in the educational domain (camp) and in the music advertising domain (games). I found them tasteful.
About the live social networking event- it’s a great project that Jeff is doing where he’s travelling; we can and need to learn few things about how to do it and how to create the atmosphere, so:
a- Name tags, personal taglines and “live status notes” are the ice breakers for people to interact. It’s a must.
b- We can make these events more frequently and I think there’s a demand for it as well. Local events like iDrink are perfect, but
1- no need to bring startups to talk in front of the crowd, and
2- they have grown enormously fast and suddenly it became too big and highly crowded. The event today was with about 70-100 people in an open outdoor space and was perfect.
c- It works when people bring their still and video cameras. It makes the event go beyond itself into the virtual.

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