Two hours after the end of the Like for Israel Hackathon I’ve worked so hard to create, I feel I took part in a little history that happened. Never before have developers met in order to contribute their skills for Israel like this. It was one of the most beautiful crowd sourcing I’ve attended.  The Like for Israel hackathon was a success, or at least, the hackathon part of the hackathon, in a sense that now, that mobile applications have been developed successfully, it’s the time for the PR and advertising part to do the magic.

I can’t talk yet about what applications were developed since some need final touches by the developers and by designers. Other than that, I still need to create the place to show them all and give all the respects to all the apps, which are just awesome!

Thanks again to everyone who came and gave their time, I’m very proud of the work you all did. Big Thank you for the sponsors of the event: Genesis, Rhodium, Google, Appsfire and Amazon.

More photos from the Like for Israel Hackathon.

I’ll keep you updated.

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