Landmark Education.
The story with me and the company called Landmark Education goes way back to when I was 17 years old. That far away. And even though I’ve done so many programs there, it’s been years since I went there to participate or to take part in what’s called The Assisting Program, where in essence, it’s a way for you to be trained and coached in the fields in your life you say are the most important to you to deal with and to get to the next level, areas like self expression, leadership, integrity, being my word, being authentic, love, money, intimacy, productivity, happiness and so on. So it’s been years.

Today I came back to be a guest in an evening session at an end of a weekend seminar called “The Communication Course”, where the main distinctions are about getting (i.e deeply understanding) how much we actually do not listen to the people surounding us, and that our listening is filled with filters that come from the past, mainly, from places in our lives where we have failed and have told ourselves (without noticing) sentences like: I will not trust anyone again, I’m a failure, I’m not worthy, I’m small, I’m nothing, Everyone leaves (so I shouldn’t get attached), I’m not pretty, I’m not good enough, and the list goes on and on.

The evening was exhilarating to me, probably because it touched so many places in me, pushed so many buttons, I knew it was a good idea to come. Since i’m always connected and since I live a life where social media is an extension of my life anyway, I twitted few twits and really loved sharing some of the insights I got during this evening session.

I’ve pasted a screen shot of my account, read it from the bottom up:

My Twitts From The Evning Session

It came up to me that since most of us are in the business of listening to our customers, understanding what they want, what they need (actually you can look at every person in your life as a customer in need of service- how will that affect the way you are with people, ha?), these seminars, with all the tools they give you are just the right thing for you personally, and for you professionally. I know that I use the tools, distinctions and language I got there every day, every where and with every one and I’m happy I am now able to share my thoughts and insights with so many people through social media.

I’ve went to visit their website and found an introduction video sliced to short pieces that’s fun and interesting to watch, and that if you want to move forward you can just click the next button, which is very smart in our days of quick and instant messeging. In this page there’s an introduction (1:30), benefits (1:55), results people get (1:05), see it in action, syllabus, what participants Say, who participates (0:55), basic info (0:45) and at the end, a 25 second invitation to register.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask me on the comments, email, facebook, twitter, anywhere you want, I’d love to share what I got from it.
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