If you leave Waze and Mobileye out of the picture,  for regular Israelis, if they are not techies, to say there is an automotive industry in our small country sounds ridiculous. Yeah, we built half a car, the Sussita some 300 years ago, but since then, we know how to build tanks (The Merkava tanks) and have like 1.5 factories for heavy duty jeeps, also, for the defense and homeland security industries. That’s what the regular Joe would probably know.


Just the other day, the Tel Aviv based Magma Venture Partners published a Google Spreadsheet named The Israeli Automotive Landscape that basically maps  ~140 companies that occupy the automotive industry at large, from startups to well established companies, proving there is a very interesting auto industry here in startup nation. It’s not all of Startup Nation’s automotive industry, but it’s not far from it.

It comes in a time when multiple automaker companies are sending delegations to Israel to meet with local Israeli automotive, 3D printing, computer vision, sensor companies in order to tap in and collaborate with Israeli innovation. In the last 6 months there have been at least 5 companies that sent groups of executives to Israel.

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Ridiculous things in the Automotive Industry:

The BMW concept motorcycle on SFGate is a Clickbait  
You probably read the headlines: “BMW’s New Motorcycle Concept Is So Smart You Won’t Need a Helmet”. Yeah, if you drive with no one on the road near you, in the perfect weather, you might not get hurt. You can even consider there’s a self balancing mechanism built into the bike itself, and the tires are huge which adds to the balance of this beast. But what if a driver hits you? There are still going to be drivers in the next 15-20 years. Most accidents between cars and motorcycles happen because of car drivers. Not all, most. There’s a video inside the article, it made me laugh.


Uber tries a new ad system
Just last month Uber started her tests with self driving cabs.
MIT Tech Review is telling us Uber is testing ads flown by drones, during traffic jams.



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